HierarchyNav streamlines and customizes the search and display of pipeline assets

CHA’s HierarchyNav widget is a flexible tool and easy to adopt into your existing Esri environment. It allows users to easily search or navigate through the pipeline hierarchy for one or more routes. The HierarchyNav widget can then display the route(s) visually in the map window and in the pipeline hierarchy. Users can drill down through the selected system all the way to an individual line or can locate and highlight an entire subsystem. If only one route is selected, you can also activate the route so that other compatible CHA widgets, such as the StationNav or PipeInfo widgets, can work with it.

Discover how HierarchyNav can meet your unique needs by contacting CHA for a demonstration. Email us at isinfo@chacompanies.com, fill out our web form, or call us directly at 781-982-7700.

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