Products and Geospatial Solutions

Products and Geospatial Solutions

CHA is proud to support you with a comprehensive list of solutions and services to ensure all of your asset management and geospatial needs are met and structured to meet your safety and compliance goals.

CHA Integrated Solutions Brochure
Explore all our products, solutions and services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations and ensure the compliance, safety and reliability of your assets.

Mobile and Web Solutions

Corrivo allows users to assign, monitor, and manage compliance, routine O&M tasks, and other field work, including leak surveys, quickly, easily and efficiently.

StationNav allows users to quickly navigate to locations on the pipeline and access the information needed.

PipeInfo allows users to pull data from the system of record and share this information in a view-only mode to support better decision-making.

HierarchyNav allows users to easily search the pipeline hierarchy for one or more routes and then display the route(s) visually in the map window and the pipeline hierarchy.

Enterprise Data Management Solutions

Intrepid is an enterprise geospatial platform that is tailored to oil and natural gas pipeline industries at upstream, midstream and downstream.

Intrepid® Work In Progress
The Intrepid® Work In Progress (WIP) extension adds an extra layer of comprehensive review while editing pipeline data.

Intrepid® PODS DataLoader
Intrepid® PODS DataLoader provides users with an easy to use interface to quickly import pipeline centerlines and pipeline data sets into an existing PODS environment.

Intrepid® AlignGen
Intrepid® AlignGen not only improves decision-making by putting the most up to date information in your field team’s hands but it also offers support for emergency response situations.

Compliance Tools

Intrepid® MAOP Calculator & Services
Determining an accurate and optimal Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) for each system and route can provide enormous safety, regulatory and efficiency benefits.

Gas High & Moderate Consequence Area (HCA/MCA) Analysis
Meet DOT and PHMSA regulations by using a simple tool or utilizing CHA’s team of experts.

Class Location Services
Natural gas pipeline operators can quickly determine population densities along a pipeline and ensure the data is accurate.

PODS Data Governance
Track changes to your databases and know exactly who made the change, why the change was made, and when the change was made.

Gas HCA/MCA Calculator Pro Add-in
Improve data confidence and produce reliable data that is traceable, verifiable, and complete.

Class Calculator Pro Add-in
Generate and compare defendable US and Canadian Class analysis results that operators can rely on.