CHA Integrated Solutions Celebrates 20 Years as an Esri Partner

CHA Integrated Solutions (CHA), an innovative consulting, technical services, and geospatial-based software firm, is celebrating its 20th year in the Esri Partner Network. This meaningful anniversary signifies CHA’s enduring commitment to upholding the principles of the Esri Partner Network and supporting clients with the newest and most reliable geospatial technology on the market.

The Esri Partner Network is a worldwide community of organizations that work together to deliver Esri technology-related solutions, content, and services. As a Gold Partner, CHA is an ambassador for Esri’s world-leading location intelligence technology, acting as a single point of contact for solving the most pressing geospatial challenges our colleagues and clients encounter.

“Our tools leverage the latest Esri technology, and this is valuable to our clients because they can now integrate new solutions with Esri out of the box,” said Neal O’Driscoll, CHA Senior Vice President and Integrated Solutions Business Line Leader. He goes on to say, “For example, we enhance ArcGIS Pro with easy-to-use add-ins, such as MAOP, HCA/MCA analysis, and US and Canadian Class calculations. These add-ins allow for a repeatable process, provide accurate results, and allow operators to stay ahead of uncertainty. As we celebrate this touchstone moment in our longstanding partnership, we look forward to continuing to implement and deploy solutions enriched with the full suite of ArcGIS software and applications to fit our clients’ needs.”

“Esri congratulates CHA for their dedication to the advancement of GIS and their use of the full suite of Esri’s ArcGIS technology,” said Robert Laudati, Director of Global Partners and Alliances at Esri. “We are proud to partner with CHA for the innovation they have demonstrated for 20 years.”

In addition to being an Esri Gold Partner, CHA has earned the Esri ArcGIS System Ready Specialty. This significant recognition shows CHA’s innovation with Esri technology, commitment to developing wide-ranging expertise, and expert technical support for Esri solutions and products. As a custom software developer and Esri implementer, CHA has experience with all forms of this leading geospatial software, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server and extensions, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing (APR), ArcGIS Dashboards, and its mobile solutions.

About Esri

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