Flexible Geospatial Solutions for Gas Utilities

CHA specializes in the design, development and implementation of geospatial-based asset management software solutions for a variety of industries. We offer a natural gas distribution GIS platform, providing private, investor and municipal owned gas utilities with a scalable platform to manage high, medium and low-pressure gas networks. These solutions help support and improve operations including:

  • Safety management
  • Asset management
  • Planning and analysis
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk and integrity (DIMP) management
  • Operational awareness and decision support

CHA can configure, implement, and deploy its gas distribution GIS solutions stand-alone or as a collaborative GIS solution supportive of gas, electric, water, wastewater, cable, fiber, and other utility systems. These solutions offer utilities a scalable geospatial platform to meet any design, as-built, pipeline asset management, maintenance, budgeting and community engagement needs.

Using this powerful solution, you can complete your daily activities, quickly produce detailed maps, and report and generate the information needed by your organization.