WKM Consultancy Partnership

WKM Consultancy Partnership

WKM Consultancy and Pipeline Risk Management

WKM Consultancy is a strategic partner of CHA and represents a critical component of the 360° Framework: a comprehensive and integrated suite of offerings for asset management, regulatory compliance assurance, risk and integrity management, safety management, and operational process and efficiency improvement. The 360° Framework incorporates the highly effective risk algorithms and analytical approach developed by Kent Muhlbauer and WKM Consultancy.

The 360° Framework is a comprehensive approach and integrated solution for regulatory compliance, integrity management, and operational support.

WKM Consultancy is the world’s leading authority on pipeline risk management, water lines, and all things pipeline (ex: slurry lines, chemical lines, etc.) and possesses an extensive background in pipeline design, operations and maintenance. WKM Consultancy provides risk and integrity management training, advice and consultation to some of the world’s largest oil/gas companies, federal and state regulators, governments, academia, and other industry stakeholders. WKM Consultancy’s specialty is creating pipeline risk models to assist operators make risk-based resource allocation decisions. The emphasis is on practical, user-friendly tools that are also technically robust and have the rigor to withstand analytical scrutiny.

To learn more about WKM Consultancy and the powerful pipeline risk management projects and risk assessment algorithms they work on, visit http://pipelinerisk.com/.

To learn more about CHA Integrated Solutions and the 360° Framework, request demo or email us at info@novarageo.com.