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BostonCIO and BostonCOMPLY Practical Compliance Automation™

BostonCIO is a CHA 360° Framework best-in-class business partner. BostonCIO is a senior-level, information technology consulting firm comprised of deeply experienced, highly credible IT practitioners. BostonCIO’s IT experts deliver practical and cost-effective IT assessment, strategy, architecture development, technical leadership and implementation management engagements to our clients. They work with diverse organizations and industries at both the strategic level with executive teams and with technical professionals at detailed, tactical and operating levels. For over two decades BostonCIO has successfully delivered defined-scope projects and variable Shared-Basis CIO™ and Shared-Basis CTO™ consulting offerings. In 2014, they recognized a growing need across their client base for IT compliance services and launched BostonCOMPLY.

A critical component of the 360° framework is the BostonCOMPLY - Practical Compliance Automation™ (PCA) platform.

A critical component of the 360° Framework is the BostonCOMPLY - Practical Compliance Automation™ (PCA) platform. This platform provides a comprehensive, practical, automated and cost-effective approach to compliance management tailored to an operator’s specific size and complexity. Integrated into the 360° Framework, PCA allows for the management and verification of regulatory obligation-driven compliance with proper capture of activity attestation. Perhaps most importantly, PCA establishes an auditable system-of-record to enable a complete traceability across regulation, operator procedures, covered tasks, scheduling and completion, task execution and operator qualification. PCA provides extensive, easy-to-use operational dashboards, scorecards and reports that simplify the management of the program and provide objective measurements of the health of a client’s compliance program.

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